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The Week that Was – Losing Readership

Happy Onam all..  Just been a regular week.. Nothing planned for the weekend, Will plan something more random with friends. I had been reading the statistics of my blog, have noticed something depressing. In an attempt to keep the blog updated on a regular basis, I have been losing readership. Stats in the last week showed poor results when compared to what i had in the early days. As i think about the past i realize that during the early days i was keen on posting some real good experience. I would edit a post for over 7 days. Current affairs seemed to form primary content of the blog. I’d never post something that did not satisfy me. To get a current affair story upto my mark, it needed a lot of research to make sure i was not missing a point. And to get all points in the post would end painstakingly long.

To throw some light on the older stats, ‘TataSky experience’ received a record number of 136 page hits in a day. That was a record broken compared to the other blogs. The second highest being ‘Save Water’ at 68 views in a day. TataSky however still stands as the most popular post in terms of comments received and viewership. It now has over 1000 page hits which is an achievement in itself. However this post has lost readership. I thinks its now time to get it edited.

An Average of 30 page hits per day was recorded in the last week. With LHC the atom smasher standing the strongest with over 40 page hits in a day. Guess its now time to get back to the old method of having something about a real current affair. It could also be because of me posting more personal experiences in the week compared to the more universal ones.

There still is something in me that wants to keep this habit going, This is the only time i dedicate to me and my thoughts. Trying to make this a daily affair, Its impossible to keep out personal experiences. Even LHC had some personal discussion that i had with my family. I think that if I’m wanting to keep this habit going, then i should stop worrying about readership. May be this is the only way to let people know about what i feel and what i have to say.

Comments keeps me motivated, or for that matter anybody who blogs. It a way of telling,”I was there!”.. Would u not want to leave mark in places u have been?? How many times have u been to places where u have wanted to leave some kind of a significant mark?? Even for that matter would u not want to leave a mark before u leave this world?? I know its something stupid that i’m arguing about, but I can’t think of ways to convince people. It could be a simple, “Good”. Anything more than that will be appreciated. It does not end there, to keep the discussion going i have always replied to the comments of people at the earliest. U are always welcome to comment on my comment!

Enough said! I had been thinking about moving back to the old theory of waiting for something really thoughtful before posting it here… But u know what, the thought of having to wait is already making me sick.. I think i will be posting something on a daily basis, be it current affairs or some personal experience. As for getting the Viewership numbers up, I guess its time to start something against TataSky!

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  1. September 13, 2008 at 6:24 pm


    Nice post….I was also planning to go the current affairs way and reduce the frequncy of my blog…I had a taget to have a post eveyday for on moonth and i have almost achieved that!

  2. September 13, 2008 at 6:35 pm

    I am also planning to go the current affairs way and reduce the frequency of my blog…as it takes up too much time! I had a target of having one post a day eveyday for a month and I have almost achieved that…..!

    I would say..if you have the time….continue posting eveyday….its your blog afteralll!

  3. Kunal
    September 17, 2008 at 10:14 am

    Yo shilpa! thanks for stopping by..

    I had been wonde3ring why i was not getting comments from u 🙂
    Turns out all ur comments are being caught by spam.. Wonder why 😦

    I have de-spamed ur comments and hope that they don’t go in there again!

    And yes, the current affairs way is the way to go!
    But can u think of any topic to talk upon.. Most of the time we spend is the time in office, any chance of catching up on current affairs?


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