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I have long been a fan of online riddle games, Most of them have never been real brainteasers. Some that could be finished in no time. Amnesya , is one that will never end. Its something that u will want to finish. Its a game that u will want Ur friends to know about(just like I’m letting u know). Its a game that u will use to challenge ur friends with. Amnesya is one game that will never be solved, the designers claim. The designers of the game also boast about their level of complexity  “Over 3 million people have played the game and none have been able to make it to the end. Are u ready for IT??” . The introduction movie is one well made movie, its no less than a Hollywood movie trailer.

Amnesya is a online riddle game that makes use of pictures to riddle out questions. These questions are not so straight forward, therefore the designers have made sure that we are given a lot of hints. Ways to find hints are well explained at the tutorial levels. The answer to each level is a simple change in the URL, If correct it leads u to the next level. Wrong answers will be notified or will be redirected to a ‘404 page not found’ error page. You are also allowed to search for hints using Google, whenever necessary a Google search box will be made available in the level page.

Simple tutorials to start with, Amnesya gets a lot tougher moving on. I somehow managed to reach level 5.  None of my friends were able to move ahead of this level. I decided to quit for the time being and get back to solving the puzzle later. Months later, While i was busy cleaning up the favourites that i had saved on my browser, i came across the last saved level. Failure this time too! I was unable to find an answer.

I had done enough, I decided to quit from level 5, But i also wanted to know the solution for the level. That’s when google stepped in. A simple search led me to a lot of links where users had discussed the solutions. Amazed by the method to crack the answer to level 5, i decided to give the rest of the levels a try. it was never easy, every other puzzle except one or two i had to look for the hints in the links. Currently, I’m stuck on level 19 as the hints themselves need hint to help me find the answer. Here i post the links to the solution files that i found the most useful on the internet.

Level 1- 20 Hints
Level 21-40 Hints
Some other links

I have posted the links to the solution hoping that u will only look at it, after u have decided to quit. And if u happen to see the solution be sure that u post the results of ur amnesya test in the comments section here.

Amnesya does nt end at level 40, Users have manged to go upto level 60, But i have not been able tofind pages for solutions to levels above 40. I Hope u make it atleast to level 5. I’d be happy if u can go any beyond that. Do comment the results.

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Enjoy the game.

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  1. Puja
    September 12, 2008 at 6:38 pm

    I m on level 27 , and it took me months coz i didnt have the HINT links….

    All d best to u!!!!!

  2. March 9, 2009 at 11:24 am

    I managed upto some 11 levels after which I left it.. Thinking of starting all over again!!!! 🙂

    @ Puja,
    27??? 😮

  3. August 24, 2010 at 5:53 pm

    wahahah 19 pa lang ako!

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