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Passing Time

I have always been wondering what people do during the free time. I like watching Tv and that is what i normally do when there is no possibility of ‘playing’ cricket or going out somewhere with someone. All this works when u r at home and there is no one bossing around u.  But, What do u do when u have free time in office??

I Spend about 10 hours per day in office, and i can say, that passing time when u have no work can be real tough. Specially sitting in front of the computer and having nothing to do. I know, u must be thinking that browsing would seem like a lot of fun, but believe me there is nothing interesting on the internet except for a few forums where u talk to people. Ask them questions and they give u answers, Vice versa can be fun too 🙂 Is there a way to keep up with productivity in office. For how long can a person go on reading and practicing stuff. It just gets too boring!

I started writing blogs only when i had something to express, suddenly the attitude towards blogging is changing. I blog because i like doing it. I try to keep things simple. I don’t use complex looking words, primarily because i don’t understand the real meaning behind them; Secondly, I don’t know any :))

U must be thinking why I’m posting things about my blog in a blog titled ‘Passing Time’. Hehe . Good question, I too feel there is no reason to post things here. What the hell, I’m just bored. My blog!! What bothers u.  I think u have more things to do than read blogs.

PS: U are also expected to post comments on what u think of the blog.

“Doing nothing is the hardest thing to do”

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So have any ideas on how to pass time online? or even at home? Please suggest in the comments section below. Definitely would like to hear from u. May be I’ll find something that i can’t get off, even when I have something important to do.

  1. Ambika
    September 26, 2008 at 3:51 pm

    Aah..!! “Passing time” sounds like music (KK’s ;)) to ears.. Solely because it means you have idle time to pass, which is wonderful..

    There was a time (most part of last year) when I had ‘nothing’ to do.. and to utilise the time that I thus had.. I did nothing (what a waste)!!! And now when I do not have time to do ‘anything; I suddenly have so much to do.. (phew! is that confusing?)

    In simpler words, idle time is a relative term.

    Coming back to your blog, when Im free, (like i am rite now) I first take my own time to cherish – HOLA!!! Im FREE!! Then I sit down for activities like reading mails (& blogs and also replying to them).

    However, my most beloved activity to Pass Time is reading.. (currently The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown)..

    And.. Finally.. All said and done.. If.. IF.. I have more time left after doing all these.. I spend some real quality time with my Beauty Sleep!!

    And now that I miraculously have half an hour before I get down to work (again).. and having replied to reasonable number of blogs and mails.. Im free..!!

    No wait!!! I suddenly remembered something important.. So I gotta rush because somebody’s waiting…………………………..(yawn)

    N.B.: Hope you got the answer to your question 😉

  2. Kunal
    September 26, 2008 at 4:26 pm

    That’s a lot for a comment!!
    Well, that could make a blog post in itself, Most people do have such blog posts… I see most people love reading.. Reading fascinates me too, only when i”m looking for sleep.. Reading books makes me sleepy 😀

    My favorite pastime is watching TV, but when there is no work in office,that’s when u feel really really bored. These days I’m writing blogs in my free time, It at least kills boredom!

    U write a lot of stuff, and the comments i have seen look great, I guess its now time u start blogging. I have inspired a few to blogging 😀 Which is a surprise, If u’d be inspired too, it won’t come as a shock.. Haha.. Get a Blog!

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