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The Blue Planet Run (ebook) – Preserve Water

Water, The most important resource for life on earth. All over the world, People consider water to be a never ending source, but environmentalist have proven that if not for preserving water now, we would have depleted all our water resources by 2050. Also, given the rate of global warming, These water resources would dry up even faster. Given the growing population and the demands for water, economists predict a water shortage by 2025, which is only a few years later.

Adapted from the book that I’m going to talk about:
“Economists estimate that by 2025, with current water use patterns and the growing population, water scarcity will cut global food production by 350 million tons a year. That is rather more than the current U.S. grain harvest, and the equivalent of a loaf of bread every week for every person on the planet. For hundreds of millions of people, that disappearing loaf may be the only one they have.”

“No wonder that in dozens of countries — Pakistan, Mexico, India, China and Indonesia among them— there have been water riots in recent years”

“On average, we drink not much more than a gallon of the stuff. Even after washing and flushing the toilet we consume only about 40 or 50 gallons each. But that is just the start. It is only when we add in the water needed to grow what we eat and drink that the numbers really begin to soar. It takes between 250 and 650 gallons of water to grow a pound of rice. That is more water than many households use in a week. For just a bag of rice.

It takes 130 gallons to grow a pound of wheat, and 65 gallons for a pound of potatoes. And when you start feeding grain to livestock for animal products like meat and milk, the numbers become yet more startling. It takes 3,000 gallons to grow the feed for enough cow to make one quarter-pound hamburger, and between 500 and 1,000 gallons for that cow to fill its udders with a quart of milk.”

Intresting facts eh?? Don’t they scare u???

Need to know learn more facts like these? Need to know what is happening around the world? What are the numbers? Why water preservation is necessary? How to preserve water?

For answers to questions like these, i suggest u download a copy of “The Blue Planet Run“. Priced at over 30 dollars on amazon.com for a hard copy, this ebook available at free of cost.

The Blue Planet Run:

Buy the book – To help the global cause, All the money will be used to help the deprived countries get Drinkable/ Usable water free of cost.

This book also has lots of photos from India too where it is being shown how we use water on our daily basis in different aspects of life like rituals at Ganges, fighting to get the water from tanker lorries, crowd gathered around the water pump to get a pot of water, and so on. Interestingly, it has more pictures form India, which happened to be an eye opener.

Every time i see a tap running i feel like I’m depriving a child. It’s a pain to see people waste water. We have water treatment plants installed in our office premises, all the water that we use gets recycled, so people  waste water like nothing. But they less know the the fact that at the end of a certain no. of cycles, this water will be discarded and the fresh water will be recycled, which means a lot of water will go into the dumps without having been used to the full extent.

This book is being distributed for free to let the message reach more people. People all around the world need to be aware of this. Water shortage is not only a problem to the under developed countries, but is soon becoming a problems in countries around the world. You can help them even by buying them the hardcover version of the ebook and help in their noble cause, else you can always download the PDF version for free and save $32.85 and spread it across to let everyone know how precious water is.

You can download the PDF version of The Blue Planet Run Ebook at Amazon here. Or you can download it directly here, once opened, do a ‘ file-> save as’ to save it to ur desktop.. This is my bit to help aid water conservation. I’m putting this on my blog so most people can read it and understand why Water conservation is the most important activity now. Anyone can request a copy of the file from me, if the server version is removed.

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