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Reality Bites on India TV, Ouch!!

Reality bites!! The word ‘Reality’ seems to carry a different meaning to the producers of some Hindi News channels. Have u seen IndiaTV?? Can u tell me if it is a news channel or a general entertainment channel. If u have not seen this channel on ur television, I give u a chance to give me the answer. Look at the pictures below:

Story : Abduction of Cows by aliens from outer space

UFO has abducted a cow. (Cotton County?? May be a location where they milk the cows πŸ™‚ )

Until now there have been no clues of the cows. (Ask, Torque for ‘No scar(e)s’ )

India TV asks, ” Where has the cow gone?” (Yeah, advertise in this ‘space’ ship )

Do Aliens Drink Cows Milk, Another one not posted says, do aliens worship cows like us?

(Do u want to be there too? Forms available at bank of baroda :D)

Real photo of the light falling on the cows from the alien ship. (Use Chinese mobiles for better light )

Are Indian Cows also on their hit list? (Did u look at the crystal undergarments ad, Yeah, I love Crystal ke underwear!! πŸ˜€ What a waste of bandwidth)

There were many other pictures, I did not want to waste the bandwidth, unlike IndiaTv who prefers wasting important media footage time on some non sense.

Well, I don’t blame the producers for news like this, Use of negative marketing at its best.

Ad’s are made with the same mindset, either they have to be the best or the worst to be remembered.

This is no joke, this channel is under the news channel category. And if this is meant to be news, then i’d prefer being on the alien ship. IndiaTV, Is this is what real indian news.. Pheww, give me a break!

This channel is being broadcasted around the world, with the ‘same name’. What are we trying to show as news from India?? Cows being abducted?? even a 5 year old would not believe news like that. Not just this news story, there were stories about how people in villages still followed primitive ways to solving a problem. Horror stories on how the popular Himesh Reshamiya song ‘ Ek baar aaja’ invited ghosts. As a educated person inΒ  India should know, these stories may be true but they apply only to a small percentage of the population. Whatever may be the case, do we want to broadcast news like this under the name of ‘India’.

I would definitely not leave out the other hindi news channels, who give importance and footage to news that would be of no meaning if not telecasted. There are various other things happening in the country that are more important than ‘ Vidya balan’ hot expose for a well known men’s magazine. I salute Barkha Dutt for the coverage of the Kargil war, bought into light the pain that the jawans were taking so that we could sleep without fear. I salute all such people who make India Proud, Dr. APJ Kalam is one such person. I’m glad that he resigned from the president’s post as i feel he has more to contribute to science and technology than be a part of the dirty political group.

We print the photos of an American who showed terrific performance in the Olympics, while the Indian who won the country a bronze medal gets the last page. Cricket takes the center stage, while the national game, Hockey, slowly starts to fade into the distance. Does the Media have a role to play in it?? Yes they do. I don’t see one single news channel that lays importance on a person who could have earned Rs.100 had there not been a bandh called by a stupid political party for even stupid political reasons. The media is more interested in what brand is Shahrukh khan taking up. What is Sachin Tendulkar doing when he is Injured, even for that matter ‘Where are Aishwariya and Abhishek going for HoneyMoon??’, What the Hell.

India Tv has been broadcasting similar kind of stories for while now. I wonder if the Broadcasting ministry is even talking a look at it. Actually speaking, are so many news channels required? I remember the days when my father waited for the 9’o clock news to begin on the national channel. Then came some 24 hr news channels, where breaking news seemed like something really important. Now is time where channels like India TV make ‘ Amitabh bachan ko film shooting ke dauran zukaam hua’ as an important news story, for that matter a ‘Breaking news’. India Tv has made such a bad reputation in my mind that, i have put it under parental lock, so that i don’t watch the channel even by mistake. I hope channels like these vanish soon, and DDnews stays forever.

Comments Welcome, Atleast one πŸ™‚

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  1. Ambika
    October 13, 2008 at 1:09 pm

    Lol…. That was HILARIOUS…. Cows abducted by the aliens?? I never knew that ever happened!!!
    The best one is…… “kya bharat ki gaaye bhi nishane pe hai”
    These people would show ANY DAMN thing! Is it that important to air a channel 24 hrs.???

    Very well written! May be you could send a link to the Channel itself!!! I hope they know what rubbish they telecast!!
    Btw I did not know, you had a post on this topic. Good to read. πŸ™‚


  2. Kunal
    October 13, 2008 at 4:33 pm

    My first comment on the blog that i like!

  3. Mayank patel
    August 3, 2009 at 1:54 am

    I want use your comment area as news. i want to give news that in sayama village
    ta -khambhat di-anand , riple dayabhai has try to suicide not for house purpose but for matter of love. Community of sayama village they oppose of marry, that both girl and boy should not be of same village. This are the people living in 21 century. This is the village living in darkage. I want that make this burning topic. In 16 village community there is no rule of this kind of matter.
    It was there before so many years but now it is no more. I want please take neccesary action and dont tell that i m giving info. For reference see the newspaper of 02 aug 09. Sorry for using your comment area as news.

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