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Traffic Menace

This post may seem a little out of place for people staying out of chennai, as most of the places may seem unknown, as the post goes on, it seems to become a bit general.

I have been traveling on the same route for about 6 years now, but never have i seen such traffic on the OMR ( Old mahabalipuram road). Last week was so bad, It inspired a new blog 🙂

I seriously wish the traffic congestion is solved asap. I always have been interested in finding solutions to problems; They may not be the best ones possible, but definitely could be called as a ‘Solution’. But on OMR, I was never able to figure out the exact reason for the heavy traffic. Had to use the complex algorithms. Finally, a breakthrough; Turns out that i had been sleeping in the office bus Zzz(I use the office transport for taking me to the office and dropping me back home, It an hour’s journey, and i like sleeping over chit chat), I made conscious effort to stay awake throughout the travel and make sure i something to blog about 🙂

Mann it was tough! Not the figuring out part, but the staying awake part 😀

One fine day, My dad had some work around my office and I get a faster ride back home, on the bike. It presented me an opportunity to study the problems at the grass root level 😀 (Its difficult to drive in the traffic, it is when u actually realize the problems u r facing) It was not so tough to point fingers at the problems 🙂  Now I’m use the same fingers to point them to the world.  Here are some that i realized.

It was the newly constructed road, The OMR, now the ‘Rajiv Gandhi Express Highway’. Actually not the roads, It was the medians. These did not have opening for vehicles to turn. The turns were only possible when one got to the traffic signals, some were made available for more common places, but they were not very well planned. The shortest distance between two openings being 1 to 1.5 km, which meant that the vehicles that needed to go to places on the other side of the road,had to go the distance. And since most of them only happened to be near the signal, there had to be congestion at one place.

I even felt bad for the pedestrians. If someone wanted to cross the road, they had to use the foot-over bridges; These are located at least 500 m apart. It is meant to be a express highway, and all these are to be made. Well Hello! The express highway is meant to be outside of the city, OMR happens to be a part of the city now. Grrrrr.

Adding to the menace are the changes in the routes to get to a place. To avoid congestion, the traffic police have diverted the traffic; some of the roads are now ‘one way traffic’.

Biggest example: to get to madhya kailash from mount road, we now have to o all way round saidapet, take the guindy road and then the road leading to madhyakailash. As most would agree, saidapet is a traffic menace, and this change in the traffic rule is causing a congestion.

Also, these diversions add 2.5km to 5 km to the total distance u have to travel. Interestingly, these routes are even more congested. The earlier routes are now empty while we move through the longer and heavy traffic areas. The Traffic police has even added LCD screens on some traffic signals that run scrolling messages about saving fuel, But these diversions, are not saving my fuel!!

I wonder if the road development corporation had even thought about the problems that i have discussed,Even if they did think about it, they would not have solved them as they would be paid for more foot-overs and longer medians. Is it not the Traffic Police/ government responsibility to make sure everything is set right??! The concerned officials should review the work by traveling on these roads. As far as the solution to the problem is concerned, My blog may not help the problem, but i would definitely want to bring this to the notice of the concerned department. I wonder if there is a concerned department? I would report even bigger issues if only there was an anonymous cell where Complaints/Suggestions were taken seriously.

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