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India – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

India Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow:

  • India did not qualify for hockey (our national game) in Beijing Olympics —- Still our government doesn’t really care, actually nobody cares. No funds available for our national game 😦
  • SRK made movies like Chak De India, to promote Hockey……Same song is used everywhere to  promote cricket.
  • Times of India publishes an American winning gold in Olympics……The same paper publishes India winning hockey in the last page.
  • Everywhere it’s raining…..its floods….. Mumbai  faces this every year…..every year people die……still it’s the same every year…..and Mumbai is back to its normal life within hours…. Life has lost its value.
  • Bomb blast has become very common — No one cares except for the families who have lost their loved ones.
  • A student gets 98 percentile in CAT….. Still does not get any calls from IIMs. Another student gets 93 percentile, still gets qualified for IIM, as cast/religion really matters.
  • Very few people have made India proud in sports (& these few were talented ones) —- blame parents and government… as there is no encouragement.
  • Parents want their child to be engineer or a doctor……. Every child wants to become an engineer or a doctor and work in America.
  • 10th standard students in Hyderabad celebrates their send-off party in a FTV PUB. Actress illayana joins them. What a way to send off 16 yrs kids.
  • College students say they are in love………..for everyone in college, love is coffee day, barista, pub 😦 Do they know what love is?
  • I see many IT companies have august 15th as working day – state government has given them all permissions — after all it’s a matter of bribing the state government.
  • There are many people working in IT companies even if it’s a holiday, who are working on august 15th so that they meet the deadlines of some US company.
  • Vodaphone, Airtel, Reliance…….all bribe Cabinet minister who is in charge of telecom dept…..so that BSNL will not launch any offers.
  • Media is totally into gossips…….mainly bollywood stories……..and political stories.
  • I asked a small guy playing on the road…..who is president of INDIA? He replied back “hmmmmmm”. Then my next question was…..who is president of AMERICA? He replied back ” Bush” !!!! – amazing !!
  • Sonia Gandhi visited china to represent ‘Head of our country’. Is she really head of our country or head of a political party??
  • College crowd is worried about girl friends…………. IT people interested about on site opportunities………..political people interested in money and vote bank……. Who is interested in our country?
  • Supreme court judge says  ” Even god cannot save our country” 😦
  • Then who will save our country?  APJ Abdul Kalam says “WE individuals” are the ones to change our country. Is it possible?  Are people really interested? Even if one wants to change can u change the system?  Will India be a developed country by 2020???

I don’t have any answer for all the question……Even I am searching for the answers.  All I want to say is…… “IS INDIA GOING IN RIGHT DIRECTION”?

In spite of all this……There is still some hope left in our youth…..There are some positives to look at, Passion in the hearts of the youth to take India forward  ” HUM HOONGE KAAMIYAAB EK DIN”.

This is just plain copy paste stuff. I had received this email from a friend. It was worth sharing, Leave comments if u think there is a solution to these problems.

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