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E Shopping – My Experience

There are plenty of offers that are available to us online, but we are not sure whether we want to avail it or not, We are scared of our data security , Are our financial details secure? We just are not so sure about shopping online. I have been shopping online for some time now, and to tell u the real fact, Its been wonderful, The offers are great and things are simple and secure.

It all started when a member of an online forum which I’m a part off, came up with a offer available on one of the shopping website. I was not sure of if i wanted to make an online purchase of the item, but since many people on the forum were happy availing the offer i decided to give it a try. I decided to pay using HDFC Net banking as the payment were secured through my banks website, There was no way i was going to disclose any credit card info as these can be very easily stolen. It began with purchase of TataSky vouchers from IndiaPlaza.

Here i write reviews about a few websites that i have been on.



First Purchase: TataSky Recharge coupons.

Great deal, These vouchers were available with some kind of an offer. First impressions of the website, I felt really good being there, More importantly safe and secure (I’m talking about the payment :D)

Navigation was simple, From placing the order to payment, it was straight forward. Easy for a first time user.

Most of the products available here are warranted, Something which is uncommon in the other shopping websites. But with warranty, comes the high price. The products are a little higher when compared to other competitors, but u can be assured of the quality of the product.

Shipping is free on IndiaPlaza, something that other websites make confusion about. The price u see on the product page is the final price that u will need to pay.

Customer service, Another factor that is most important when u consider that the vendor is not a person u see, he is sitting in some part of the country and u trust him on shipping the product on time. Overall customer service experience, Good. They normally take 24 Hrs for email replies, Calls to the customer care are immediately answered.

Plenty of Payment options. All transactions made on the website are secure and are proven hacker safe.

Overall rating : 4 / 5
Recommendation: Very high

IndiaTimes Shopping

Product bought: Steam iron worth Rs.600 and MP3 Player worth Rs.700.

Site navigation is quite good, finding products is a little complex though. The site sometimes becomes slow. My account section on this website gives u access to all the orders placed just like any other website. The invoices for the product are made available as a part of the order tracking.

The products are priced fairly low, These products are sold by vendors outside of IndiaTimes, which means all liabilities are to be claimed with the vendor, however IndiaTimes does take responsibility for it. Read Terms and conditions before any purchase. I was actually benefited because of one of their policies πŸ˜‰

Warranties are dependent on the product and the seller, these details including shipping charges are clearly given on the product page. IndiaTimes has made shipping free as a part of its policy for products priced above Rs.1000 to make things a little simpler.

Product, Seller reviews are also made available to the users for making decisions on the quality of the product or the seller. Most posts on this section are unnecessary though with users posting questions about the product than actual product related data. IndiaTimes has to take time reviewing them.

Products were shipped in the given time, apart from once where the product got delayed by the courier service. Calls to the customer care did not solve the problem, until i took the matter in my hands, published some bad reviews. The Next day i received a call demanding apologies and till the product was shipped to my house, i continuously got calls from the customer care. Now i have access to the people from the higher part of the management, therefore i face no issues with the product shipment.

Plenty of payment options are made available to make sure the user has full choice. For products priced pretty low, If u are willing to wait for the shipment for 7-10 days, IndiaTImes is a better choice over all other websites. Product quality shipped is good. The overall experience not so bad.

Overall rating : 3.5/5

Recommendation : High


Product bought: 2GB Pendrive (transcend).

FutureBazaar is one store that i look up for discounts. All products are available in ur nearest BigBazzar stores minus the shipping charges is what is the price u will see on this website.

Plenty of payment options, delivery of the product within the estimated time, Lowest prices, make the site one to look for before taking the decision to purchase any product. However, The site is a bit slow, clumsy data, Navigation could become a lot simpler. Tracking the product is fairly complex on this website.

Customer service is less accessible, u can call them for immediate relief, Mails take time to get replied. They have their online enquiry section, Queries left on this section get answered within 48 Hours.
Shipment details are given on product page itself, The shipment price is based on the vendor.

Rating: 3.5/5
Recommendation : High

I’m not sure of the claim procedure in case of problems. The claim procedure is mentioned in the T&C section of the websites. I would recommend u to read their policies and the T&C before any purchase to make sure that ur experience with the website is not so bad. My experience has been wonderful and i hope it stays the same for time to come.

For people who belong to one of these websites and are looking for feedback’s, One suggestion, Please use a toll free line. It makes the customers happy. I had to make STD calls to get through to ur customer care.

I went through a lot other websites before deciding on making purchases, I have reviewed sites from which i have bought the product. I would definitely recommend purchases on this website. Lets hear what u have to say, Leave ur own experiences with online shopping on the websites i have reviewed or some of ur own. Do comeback for more store reviews. Happy Shopping πŸ™‚

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  1. August 4, 2011 at 6:33 pm

    Thanks for sharing e-shoppingyour experience with us. now on wards i take care about my credit cards and debit cards while e-shopping.thanks for giving suggestions.

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