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First look at ‘Colors’ – The new Hindi General entertainment channel



Colors – The new Hindi General Entertainment channel was launched on 21st July 2008 all over the world, With shows like ‘Khatron ke Khiladi’ hosted by our very own bollywood action hero, Akshay Kumar. The promos looked promising with Akki skateboarding on a peice of wire from one building to the other and a jump from a multi storied building to land on the ground with style of his own made heads turn. Interestingly architectured lyrics for the title song, attracted attention. Expectations from the show increased with rumors about Akshay charging Rs.1.5 Crore per episode for the first season. The shows producers clarified that they were no Rumors, Akshay was officially the highest paid tlevision host in India.

Everything looked like a grand opening for the channel, with people expecting to see stunts from Akki having charged Rs.1.5 crore [per episode. Based on the ever so famous reality show ‘Fear Factor’ Akshay makes a grand entrance, in a speed boat talking about the channel and the show. 13 girls from the Modelling, Film and the television industry take the challenges.These girls are paired with the Jawans from Indian Armed Forces. Two challenges per episode, the worst performer in both the challenges being eliminated. “Jo Dar Gaya, Samjho Ghar Gaya”. The Jawans are only allowed to participate once during the entire show, with a maximum of only 2 jawans per episode. This can be used by the teams at their will. The Girl that stays till last episode, helps make her partners dream come true. The full season has been shot in Johannesburg, South Africa – The adventure capital of the world.

With stunts not so challenging and girls doing it pretty easily, it does not become the must watch show on my list. Akshay too does not impress much with his hosting skills, nor does he do any dare devil act. Every episode comes to the end with Akshay doing nothing more than hosting and doing prayers (Yes, before the start of any stunt, Akshay preaches the gayathri mantra for their well being)

The Opening week did not have anything impressive, nor did it have anything to do  with Akshay. For me the show was a flop. Indian reality industry has a long way to go before it could become anywhere comparable to the US and UK reality shows.

Off topic: Has anyone seen ‘Are u smarter than 5th Grade’ the english version of ‘ Kya Aap paanchvi paas se tez hain’. Of course the english version was the original idea. The shows host is much better than Shahrukh Khan, the kids are smarter and funnier than the hindi version. The english version is something that u should be watching. It is now a days being aired on Star world.

However, I decided to hang on and look at a few other serials on the channel, Turns out they are all the same, this channel is nothing different. Not worth the time spent. I was better off watching Extreme Engineering on Discovery.

Update: 21 Aug 2008
BiggBoss season2, The new show on colors seems interesting.

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