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Colors Launches – “Time to earn Money”, says TataSky.

Colors – A new general entertainment channel was officially launched all over the world on 21st July 2008. Khatron Ke Khiladi – A new fear factor show, hosted by Action King Akshay Kumar gathered all the attention before the launch.

TataSky never misses out on any money making opportunities, and here was one that it wanted to cash in on. They were sure that at least 50% of their subscribers would want to watch the new channel at any cost. The channel, moved straight into the Life Style Gold Pack. Prices increased from Rs.30 to Rs.45. The announcement came in only a day before the actual launch, not allowing customers any opportunity to think. As expected, lot of people including me subscribed to the pack.
[The show is boring, so is the channel. Read the ‘First Look at Colors’. Rs.45 down the drain,  I wish I could go back and change it 😦 ]

TataSky however is enjoying this. Assuming 1 million (50%) subscribed to the pack, TataSky grows Rs.1.5 Crore richer over the month. TataSky also earns some extra amount of money as people are forced to buy the entire pack. Packaged with channels that mean no entertainment leave alone general entertainment, People had to buy it to watch the new show.
[ Mann! Their marketing team is one of the best in the world! ]

Unhappy with my decision to have bought the pack, who do i blame?
Rs.45 has been deducted from my account, blaming somebody is going to be of no help. I leave a query about the pricing on the ‘My Query’ section. Replies that they give are generally stupid. This time was no different either. I received a call from their customer care, as expected they had a standard reply ready. “Sir, The prices have been hiked because of the new channel ‘Colors’ which could later be converted to a-le-carte”. Didn’t I know that??

I did not want to discuss anything else as i was sure of the replies i might get. Yet, decided to carry on with the conversation. Only reason being that they would be charged STD for having called me from bangalore. 😀

Simple mathematics over the package pricing says Tata has earned more with the change than before it. Here is how it works.

Package rates before 1st June 2008
Rs.350 (South Jumbo) + Rs.30 (LS Gold) + 199/12 (Sports Gold, Only available annually) = Rs. 396.60

Package rates w.e.f 1st June 2008:
Rs. 310 (South Jumbo) + Rs.40 (Sports Pack) + Rs.15 (Ten sports, a-le-carte) + Rs.45 (LS Gold) + Rs.30 (Sports Gold) = Rs.440

Excess Cost paid by the customer : Rs.440- Rs.396.6 = Rs.43.40 per subscriber

Total Earnings pm for 2 million subscribers = Rs. 8,68,00,000 (Rs. 8 crores and 68 Lakhs)
Total Earnings Per Annum =  Rs. 1,04,16,00,000 (Rs. 104 Crores and 16 Lakhs)

TataSky earnings over an year : Rs. 105 Crores approx, Customer benefits : NIL.

Not to forget, most of the favorite channels are still not on. The controversy with ESS has blind folded customers about the increase in the package cost of sports gold, It has almost doubled (Rs.16 to Rs.30). These calculations of course were made assuming all 2 million customers buy the packs, which may not be the case. Even if 50% was assumed, TataSky would make more than 50 Crores, Customers still get no benefits.

Apart from the name, there is nothing good about TataSky. Luckily I got vouchers for half the price using Giftmate, I’m shielded from this change, I pity for people who still have to bear it. The blog would mean no sense to anybody, But when ur family or friends decide to buy Tatasky, redirect them here.

More Links about TataSky on the Blog:

Google for many more links.

I feel cheated, Must be the same with the remaining customers. SOS!

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  1. Abijit
    July 25, 2008 at 6:40 am

    Your blog has many factual errors. One example is 50% of Tatasky users will subscribe! Get the facts right before critising.

  2. kunaljanu
    July 25, 2008 at 6:55 am

    Hi Abijit,

    If u read some sentences correctly i have said that i assume all subscribers subscribe to all the packs, which may not be the case. But I’m sure TataSky is able to earn half the amount quoted, And I’m sure u will agree with me on this.

    I’m no statistician, and if people from tataSky have a problem with it, let them come out with the actuals, They will not publish any such things as the truth then will be out in the open.


  1. July 22, 2008 at 1:00 pm

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