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Giftmate, Saving half my TV subscription.

My 4th Essential TV, Subscriptions at half the price.

How? Thanks to a service called Giftmate.
A latest offering on most of the E-Commerce websites, Giftmate, also called as Paymate is just another payment option. It is mainly a pay-by-sms service. Linked to a unique mobile number, A user can recharge the account using credit card or internet banking.  A user can buy any product from the 3000+ sites associated to Giftmate. Once an order is placed, the users can then select paymate as their payment option and confirm the order by a simple sms. Using such accounts, u expose ur credit card information to only one publisher, In this case, Paymate. How did i use this to my advantage?

More info about ‘how to use‘ and ‘where to use‘.

I was introduced to Giftmate by one of the members of India Broadband Forum(IBF), In the TataSky section (Most active). He had posted information on how he used an offer from Giftmate to his advantage and recharge his TataSky connection for half the price. As Giftmate had only come into existence at that time, It had a lot of freebies to offer. The offer was about receiving 100% cash back for purchases made before a certain date using Giftmate.  I registered my mobile number by assigning a Rs.200 Voucher to it using the my online banking account. It was immediately activated and i used it to buy a TataSky voucher from IndiaPlaza. After about a  weeks time i received a free voucher worth Rs.200 from giftmate, Used it for recharging the TataSky connection again. Effectively paying only half the price.

One month into using Giftmate, The company decided to offer vouchers to all users at half the price, That is u pay 500 and get a voucher worth 1000, Cool eh.. 🙂 I used it with two mobile numbers, recharged TataSky again. Half the price this time too.

Lately Giftmate in association with Zapak ran a contest, The Zapak Cash League Contest. The contest required users to play games for free, and earn points. Based on the no. of points earned, users were awarded a certain amount of gift voucher from giftmate. All it required was 20 minutes of my time (I won Rs.100 Vouchers with 2 id’s on a daily basis). The prize money being offered dropped by almost 50% half way through the contest. By the time i had made a substantial amount of vouchers. People who wished to buy games from zapak, could add more points to their daily tally and win some vouchers against the purchase. I bought 2 games worth Rs.99 each and received Rs.350 vouchers from giftmate. 5 minutes is all that it took. I bought more games than play and kept adding vouchers to my account, Some free, some paid.
To receive the vouchers, I needed to register unique mobile numbers. I have only 3 in my house, Therefore I could register 3. The rest i used some of my friend’s mobile numbers. Some agreed instantly, while i had a tough time convincing the others. I’m sure one of them is fuming reading this blog. He wants less spam on his mobile phone. All i can say to him is that Giftmate does not sell any contacts and if u have been receiving any spam lately, its probably the mobile company.

Moving on. When i logged into the giftmate site to check my earnings (yeah, Earnings :D) on these registered mobile numbers, I saw another free offering from giftmate. Any US resident could send Rs.250 Voucher to any registered mobile no. in India for free. It required answering 5 survey questions.

How was i to get a US number?


Since i decided to not use somebody else’s number for my advantage, I decided to fake the no (Just trying my luck). I knew it had to be a 10 digit no. I answered all the questions and then registered it to send the voucher to my mobile number. Next second, I receive a 250 voucher. I used all the other registered numbers for this freebie. Only this time, I did have no time to tell anything to my friends. By lunch, while i discuss the offer with my friends and decide to give them free vouchers too, All i can see is that Giftmate in the meantime had withdrawn the offer.

This time i also put a thread on the forum for other agonized TataSky subscribers like me to enjoy some free TV time. Luck has it, Most of them had made use of it.

I have been enjoying all this for a while now, while saving a lot of Subscription cost. If u r using Tatasky or have been a regular online shopper across the sites linked to Giftmate, Go ahead and Giftmate.

I wish Giftmate now has a tie up with the oil manufacturing companies, It will then allow me to pick petrol for free :p

PS: I once read in a blog that giftmate offered vouchers worth Rs.250 for casting a vote on a reality show. People who think this is one reason to buy a TataSky connection, Think again. Read all my previous blogs related to TataSky and come to a conclusion. Luckily, I have been able to make use of such offers, i wonder for how long will these offers be available.

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  1. July 12, 2008 at 12:58 am

    Great blog–Great program
    Can’t wait to hear more
    Billy and Glenda

  2. July 14, 2008 at 8:06 am

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Sharman (agni)
    Sent: Monday, July 14, 2008 1:20 PM
    To: ‘yourstatement@tataskyhelp.com’; ‘info@tatasky.com’; ‘help@tatasky.com’
    Cc: ‘Shri Ratan Tata’; ‘sreenivasan pk’; ‘vikramk@tatasky.com’; ‘unnati@tatasky.com’
    Subject: RE: Tata Sky Statement for the period of 1st June 2008 to 30th June 2008

    Ever since 10th July I have been trying to recharge my account for this month (Rs. 500/-)

    Not sure if the BADA SAABs on top of the management did something to my account, only my account will not get charged.

    Every request for payment since 10th July was rejected.

    The local dealer near my house also was surprised that only my subscriber ID was not getting updated.

    I hope this is not a childish act of taking revenge for complaining against TATA Sky to TRAI.

    Whatever it may be I decided to go with another service provider and am throwing away TWO Receiver box which I had bought for Rs. 2000/- and Rs. 1500/- each.

    I wish and pray that TATA SKy looses at least ten thousand times the money I lost by choosing TATA Sky for my family.
    God is always great!


    -Sharman (agni)

    Copy of the threatening letter and other communications at http://www.simplymalayalees.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=491

  3. dhoni
    July 24, 2008 at 4:13 pm

    Excellent blog. I was not able to comment about it in IBF as the admin assole has banned me without a reason. Now no one to support you there. But your blog is good and it is received well. Keep up the good work. Don’t waste your time there. Instead write great blogs like this here.

  4. kunaljanu
    July 25, 2008 at 6:48 am

    Hi Dhoni,
    Thanks for leaving a comment, I would have been happier if u had not used some of the abusive language.
    IBF is for leaving comments on what u think, i don’t care if they are well received or not supported. Good to see u here.


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