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Television – An essential part of life

“Zindagi jeene ke liye sirf teen cheezo ki zaroorat hoti hai, Roti, Kapda aur Makaan.”

Translation : The three most important things to live life –  Food, Clothing, House.
Has the time come to add television to the list of essentials to live life? asks my friend. I wonder where this topic popped into his mind while we were busy watching a movie on his computer. The Movie stopped and the drama began when we started to discuss. I Love TV and its of course the most essential activity in my life . My friend normally likes to take the discussion long and far, that day was no different, It even went up to the extent that we discussed it for over an hour.

“Television is not an essential in my life” said my friend. ‘Hmm’ i wondered, ‘ Who does not like watching television? ‘. When I’m away and have not been watching television, I feel home sick! I miss my sofa. Hey, I’m no couch potato. U could call me a freshly fried chip as I’m no comparison to a potato.

Well, It really does not matter what’s on air, It just has to entertain me. I have no favorites, I just switch channels and watch whatever is on. Now, I work for a software company. I spend more than 10 hrs in front of the computer.  And now, i feel like a couch potato 😀

I miss my television more than ever. I have to watch television for at least an hour to get some sleep, I don’t care how much sleep i catch up on, but i make sure i catch up on at least one hour of television. I did realize that too much of television was not helping me concentrate on the studies, when i was in college. I had to manage my study time to occupy my TV time. I still managed to pass my graduate degree with good marks, Just missing distinction. I wonder how i managed to achieve that, while i never missed a cricket match that was telecasted just before the exams. I even remember watching the Cricket world cup matches each day before my final exams in XII grade. I again somehow managed good marks, and needless of influence got myself a college seat. Life’s been interesting, but no time have i sacrificed anything for the cricket matches 😀

Lately a lot of music reality shows are being aired on most of the channels, Weekends we (the family) are pretty much occupied watching television. Not many interesting shows, but some did catch my attention. Just because of the quality of production. At least these people were not use cheap camera tricks and pauses to attract attention. But it is the foreign content that amuses me the most. All of their reality shows have content and concept. At least their shows had no connection with music. If someone has been watching shows like The Beauty and the Geek, Hell’s Kitchen, Monster House, Wife Swap, While you were Out, fear factor, The Real Hustle, Who wants to be a Superhero, The Apprentice, Survivor (One of the favorites) and a few other shows, should understand why they are are more interesting than any other Indian reality show. Not to miss friends, Every episode is funny and worth watching over and over again. Wait, A question popped in my mind. Why cant shows like these be made in India? Well, People in India are not so open minded, also there are restrictions to the content that can be aired on national television. Therefore, Musical contests.

Most of my time is spent watching these reality shows (there are plenty of them, Even the repeats don’t bore u), I don’t miss out on watching some seriously good stuff on NGC and the Discovery Channel. Shows like, Man Vs Wild, Dirty Jobs, Mega Structures, Air Crash Investigation, Future Weapons, Myth Busters, Human Brain, documentaries on various sciences amuse me further. Thanks to the content producers and the television 🙂

How did i forget this imortant one, Cricket. When Its cricket on TV, there is no moving. I’m there watching every ball, Be it a test match or T20. My parents complain of my late night watching, which of course i completely agree is affecting my eye sight. But since i spend most of the time in office, I literally find no time for the 4th essential in life, and unluckily all of the favorite shows are aired only in the 10 pm -12 am slot. I’m addicted, but at least like some other people, I’m not typing away or browsing on useless sites like the orkut, or the facebook.

Interestingly though, It is the internet that helps watching television, free. Wondering how? I usually make use of the free vouchers that Giftmate makes available on a regular basis. Recently,I used some of the offers from Giftmate and recharged my TataSky connection. Don’t just let this encourage u to buy TataSky, read some of the older posts on the blog before u decide on anything related to TataSky.

But somehow i never managed to convince my friend. He kept disagreeing for all the reasons that meant nothing to me or were not worth mentioning in this post. Just to end the debate, I asked him to sum up on why he never agreed with what i had to say. Bang, The door opens. Behind the door stands his mom with tray full of snacks for us, Yes i wanted that badly now 🙂 While my friend explains about what we had been discussing, I munch away on some snacks. Surprise, Surprise! She has the answer to my question.

“Why does he not agree with me?”

“He spends most of the time in front of the computer, either working or browsing the internet “. Orkut seems to take the same amount of time that i spend watching television, End of the argument.

Well, is there a 4th essential? We were not able to decide. For now we have accepted the old saying “Roti Kapda aur Makaan”. To him the 4th essential happens to be the internet, to me its my favourite passtime, Television. What’s ur 4th Essential?

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  1. LVS
    July 6, 2008 at 12:21 pm

    my 4th essential: sleep!

  2. Rejishankar
    July 10, 2008 at 6:31 am

    Hi ,
    Nicely passing your time by writing blogs in —Removed— 😀
    (Will inform the Project manager, wait)
    Just kidding…You are very good in narrating events .. keep it up .

    By the way, My fourth essential: TV 🙂

  1. September 11, 2008 at 8:28 pm

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