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The Whole Experience – Ibibo Ipl Contest -My Live Appearance on TV- Part IV


This is where i would like to take names of a few people who made it all possible and made the whole experience a memorable one. Well it may be something that may not be a good read, but who cares as this comes straight from my heart. Check out my Pictures in a slide show format..

Kharag – Ibibo

What should i tell about this guy, Just the same age as i am, i think we bonded really well.. This guy is one person who has been instrumental in making my trip successful, More than anything else he has been a great pal and I’m sure he is the same to everyone else.. Conversing with him was a great feeling, he and sumit, who i will talk about next never made me feel like a stranger, we spoke about each others experiences just as three long separated friends would.
Thanks Kharag for having made this trip so memorable, More than anything else thanks for being a great pal.
Beware: I will always stay in touch with u and may be disturb u at the wrong times, I don’t end relationships fast.

Sumit – News24

First things First, I hope i have got the spellings right. If not. maaf kar dena bhai.. As Kharag the same is Sumit. Assistant producer of the channel welcoming me to the place and showing around in office with a fractured leg. [Sumit, How are u feeling now?] This man is what makes the channel, He and a team of guys including Imran Bhai, form the backbone of the channel.
Sumit, The two hours that i spent with u have been a great memory, U run a great channel and have great people around to share a relationship too. Thanks Sumit for having me there and treating me the way u did. It was an awesome feeling.

Imraan Bhai – News24

Phir se spelling ki galti maaf kijiyega. Sumit and Kharag left me with Imraan bhai at around 8.30 PM. What was i supposed to do till 11? Imraan bhai gave me company. In spite of his busy work schedule for the next day for which he had to make preparations, he never left me alone. He is one person to have around, We even involved in a talk that almost went on for 2 hrs. I never realized the time fly by Imraan bhai. I felt like his little brother, I did have that feeling talking to Imraan Bhai.
I have never met a person like him, I wish i could be a person like him when I’m his age. Not too old though. Beautiful feelings bypass my mind when i think about him. Thanks for everything Imraan Bhai. Thanks a lot.

Sayeed Ansari – News24 Host

One person who u can call the most down to earth person on this planet, never made me feel nervous about the show, spoke to me like a friend and even made fun of me, It was all wonderful talking to him, Only regret i did not get time to talk to him for long because of his tight schedule. But the time i spent with him on the show will be cherished for life 🙂 Thank u sir.

Meghla – Ibibo

I got the name wrong the first time, the second time and the third time.. I preffered not using her name in the mails as i was never sure of her name as it sounded on the phone. Yes, she is the one who gave me the news, She is the one who had been the medium of communication before i went to Delhi for the shoot.
Although i have not met her in person or have had an opportunity of talking to her, I feel she is one kind person for having responded to my stupid questions on email.
Meghla, I don’t know how much was ur role in picking my blog as a winner for the week, I wish i could thank you in person, But for now i use this blog as means for communicating my hearty thank u’s for having made all this possible, even if it was only communicating the news to me 🙂

if i have missed a few people’s name in the post, forgive me for the same, I do remember a few names, but I’m not sure of them therefore leaving a few people out. I will come up with an update of the same post once i make sure i have the names right.

I also thank the Ibibo and News24 team for having me, and selecting me to look at a part of ur life. I only expected to be there during the show and i thought i would have to leave as soon as the show would be over, But i was surprised with the treatment i had received. It was one good memory.

For all those reading this post, Participate in the contest and stand a chance to become the winner. All u have to do is blog about ur favorite IPL team, If they see passion in ur blog towards the team I’m sure ur blog will stand a good chance of a win.

Thanks to everyone involved for having given me this opportunity and making this a memorable experience.

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  1. Anushree
    May 13, 2008 at 5:04 pm

    hey….u hv described the trip very beautifully….nice blogs!!!!!

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