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The Whole Experience – Ibibo Ipl Contest – Part III

‘ D day, A day in Delhi Living my dream..’

I arrive at the Delhi airport, around 1230 Hrs, A car, Indica, waiting for me to take me from the airport to the hotel in Noida. The whole trip was to take 90 mins from the airport to noida. I decide to visit places in Delhi that come on the way to the Hotel.

I visit the Qutab Minar, Click a few photos from outside of the Qutab minar as my driver suggested not wasting time visiting it. It was only a building that had gardens around it and nothing more. He suggested me to click a few photos from the outside and visit the Lotus Temple instead. We take a few pictures of qutab minar and leave the place to visit the lotus temple.
Lotus Temple – An architectural landmark in itself made me proud of the monument being in India. It is so silent in the monument that even a pin drop would be heard loud. I don’t have words to explain anything about the Lotus Temple, All i can say is that u visit it and experience it. If u happen to be in Delhi, Dont miss the Lotus Temple, make sure it is a part of the itinery.

Getting back to my experience, It was all that i could visit as i had to check in to the hotel at 5 PM so that i could reach the studio at around 7PM. I check into Hotel Rama, very close to the film city in sector 18, Noida, this is where the News24 office is located, I take a nap and shower before i leave for the News24 office.

This is when the real experience starts, I was welcomed to the News24 office by Mr. Kharag, Ibibo and was introduced to Mr. Sumit. News24. We almost gelled like age old pals, We had fun time talking about each others experiences. Sumit took me around the office, Allowed to take a few pictures of course with him in the frame πŸ˜‰ .Mann! This is the place to be, the place is where the news happens. Great place, no less than a architectural landmark. Their live studio is designed by one amongst the best in the world, It has almost 100 lights on the ceiling with so many cameras. Wow! My jaws drop.

I was feeling lucky to have had a chance to see hows news gets broadcasted. I was also introduced to Mr. Imran and a few other people whose names skip my mind [ Sorry guys, If u r reading, this will not be a good feeling, But I’m unsure of the names and therefore not make u feel bad about it by posting wrong names]. Everyone at News24 is like a family, everyone treats u like their friend. We sit there discussing how the channel works and how they have managed the TRP’s equivalent to that of any other leading news channel within the span of 5 months.

I felt like i wanted a job at their office, I wanted to be there, Excitement, tension, emotion, anger.. are all the feelings that one would experience being in a news channel. Though i did not get to see people in all these emotions, The only feeling that i got being there was happiness.

Moving on, The time for the Live show arrived, I was told that since the match was going to finish late, the show will only go on air at 11.30 PM, ‘Ok, so what if it was delayed, I’m atleast going to be on air :)’
I watched Sayeed Ansari and his pretty host do live shows one after the other. I was told by Imran bhai that Sayeed holds a limca book of world records for 18hrs of nonstop live coverage on the channel during the Prince + Bore well news. It was a great feeling to be sharing the same frame with a such a person, Not to forget Mr. Atul Wassan the cricket expert.

As the time for the show arrived, I was taken to the make-up room for some makeup, :D, it had to be done and i did πŸ™‚ I was then taken to their virtual studio. I met Mr.Sayeed Ansari, He is one gem of a person, all the tension that i had before the show vanished after chatting to him. The show began and went on well. It was a wonderful feeling having made it live. I took a few pictures at the studio and left for the Hotel at around 12AM with Imran Bhai who had been waiting to depart with me.
Imagine, A senior person at the office waiting for me. I was so pleased to see the way they all treated me at their office, It is something that i will cherish all my life.

Another sleepless night haunted me, Again this time it was the feeling of happiness, a feeling of having experienced such a wonderful opportunity and being with such wonderful people. It was simply great.

I Checked out of the hotel early in the morning, around 6.30 AM to visit some more places near the India Gate. Another beautiful place to visit once in Delhi. The only sad story, It was raining I had to look at the India Gate from inside the car. I Leave the place only hoping to visiting it again. I reach the airport at around 7.45 Am, not the drivers mistake, it was rain that spoiled the fun, I wanted to spend time at the India Gate. Thanks to the rain, I left early.
Flight was to depart at 10.30 AM, I wait in the waiting hall for my flight and i reach Chennai about 2.00PM, The day ends explaining the whole experience to my parents who are really happy to see me on TV. Thats been the experience in Delhi. Thanks to all involved.

First time in a flight – Feels great.
First time in Delhi – Even Better.
First time in a News Channel Office – Wow! This place is amazing.
First time in a live show – Exciting.

First time talking to the people involved – One memory that will remain the closest to my heart, till i live, forever.
That pretty much sums up the whole experience, I hope u get to live something similar or even better some day. As for me, I have been one person who now believes
‘ If u have a passion for something, Show it to the world. Not wanting to be recognized for it, For the world to experience it through ur eyes ‘

Its the passion for cricket that got me there, As for the Chennai super Kings, I wish they win the tournament.

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