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The Whole Experience – Ibibo Ipl Contest – Part II

A week in excitement..

I did never imagine being a part of a live TV show in my wildest dreams. The question that i asked myself: “Are Contests real? Can they be Won?”.I dreamt of being associated with the game of Cricket, be it by becoming a cricketer or by being associated with it. Thanks to Ibibo and News24 i get to live a part of it by discussing cricket with experts of the game, LIVE!!

I was selected as the third week’s winner of the Ibibo IPL contest,To [participate, i only had to publish a small blog describing why i felt the Chennai Super Kings was my favorite to win the tournament. I chose Chennai, Not because it had a good side but because it happened to be my home team. The Chennai Super Kings.
The blog as it stays now, as the third week winner of the contest, was something that i wrote with real passion. Most of the readers may not like the quality of my writing, But i feel when u read it with the same passion as i wrote it, U will like the blog just like the Team at Ibibo and News24 did.

[ I wonder if giving out names is a good idea, but i want to thank them from the core of my heart for making this experience a memorable one.]

5th may 2008, 5 pm. The phone rings.
Me: Hello..
Anonymous: Hi, am i talking to Kunal?
Me: Yes..
Anonymous: Hi this is meghla calling from Ibibo.com.
Me: Ok
Meghla: This is to inform u that ur blog on Chennai Super Kings has won u a chance to appear live on News24 for a talk show. If u can confirm ur availability i will send u the Flight tickets. for the show on saturday.
Me [Wondering if the information was true] : ok..
Meghla: So u confirm ur availability for Saturday?
Me: Hey i have to take some permission for the same from my superiors at office, Can u call me back about an hour later to confirm? [Yeah, What the hell, I asked for an hours permission for a lifetime chance, What an Idiot i must be]
Meghla: If u cannot make it on Saturday, I will have to invite someone else in ur place, please confirm it asap.
Me: I understand, but i need to make sure that I’m not committed towards anything for the Saturday, Please call me back in sometime..
Meghla: That will be ok, I’ll call u in an hour..
[ I make a few calls, my parents are excited, so is my sister and friends..]
I call back on the same no. within 10 mins and confirm.. She wants a confirmation mail with all my details and i do send it in the next 10 mins.
The night, I feel sleepless wondering what was in my blog that won me this chance. I keep wondering if someone has fooled me. Will i be denied the winner status for having made them wait for sometime, I was not excited on hearing the news, Am i going to lose this chance.. I eagerly wait the next day and decide to mail meghla for a confirmation.

6th may 2008, 11AM.. A mail from Meghla confirming me about my appearance and asking me to confidently go ahead and share the info with friends and family. That felt so nice, Now I’m excited, now i feel that something has really worked, I wait anxiously for the Saturday. The day ends in excitement. Another sleepless night, Only this time its the excitement that makes me sleepless..

7th may2008, Wednesday:
No communication from meghla regarding the tickets, I wait, I did not want to lose this chance by flooding meghla’s mail box. I add karthik [1st winner], Madhu [2nd winner] and discuss their experiences. The day ends anxiously waiting for Saturday.

8th May 2008, 5.30PM: The phone rings again, Its meghla..
Meghla: Hi kunal i have sent u the e tickets, ur itinery for Saturday, please confirm the reception of tickets..
Me: I will do that in the next 10 mins, I’m in the canteen now..
Meghla: Ok, do it asap
I run down the stairs, I open my mailbox. There it is, The tickets had come, I’m for sure flying to delhi now 🙂

9th May 2008: The day goes on wondering how the experience is going to be, What questions am i going to ask, How is delhi going to be, Its my first time..

10th May 2008, D day:
I don’t want to make this blog long by explaining the whole experience of D day, Please read the ‘ D day, A day in Delhi Living my dream..’ Its a wonderful day’s experience.

11th May 2008: I reach chennai, and make a few calls to the people at Ibibo thanking them for making all this possible..

Thats been all for the week. It was full of excitement, if my words cant express the feeling of tension, Anxiety, Excitement, Try going through the same blog by picturing urself living this week..

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