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The Whole Experience – Ibibo Ipl Contest – Part I

The Choice

If u have read some of my last blogs u would have known that i happened to be the third week winner of Ibibo Ipl contest.

I happened to login to my Ibibo.com account to answer some local sawaal / expert cricket questions. There it was, The contest details right on my home page. I was kind of free at that time, therefore I decided to blog something, Anyways It had been long before i had blogged something on Cricket. I thought it presented me a opportunity to show my passion for cricket.

I had to pick my favorite team, It was not easy, Sehwag for Delhi, Rahul for Bangalore, Gilly for Hyderabad, Sourav for Kolkaata, Sachin for mumbai.., It was difficult to choose a favorite. Finally, The Chennai Super Kings, happened to be my hometeam, It was a team that had the firepower to win the tournament.

Chennai, The city where i have been living for more than 15 years has given me the life that I am living now, I had to support my home team, It was like even if sachin plays for Australia i would only back the Indian Team,So The Chennai Super Kings.
Every single line put on the winning blog popped straight into the mind, I did not edit the post much but made a few changes for making my post more understandable and passionate. I did not blog with any intention of winning the contest as i always thought these contests are only for the lucky few, and i had never been that lucky.

I wrote everything that came to my mind, I never ever thought if it was good or bad. I wanted to write so i did, May be it was one of my luckiest days of my life, My blog got selected and then came the oppurtunity to show my passion for the game to the people all around the country.Now I feel when u have passion for something, U are sure to succeed in whatever u choose to be. I wish this experience will help me a great deal in my life.

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