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I’m Feeling Lucky.. I’m the third winner of the Ibibo IPL Contest.

While i write this, My hands shake not of fear but of the cold feeling that the office AC gives me..
Just kidding.. Its the experience that makes me shiver.

The reason: I’m the third winner of the IPL contest on Ibibo..

What is the contest: All I had to do was to blog about the favorite IPL team.

Ofcourse on ibibo.com

So i did.. not with an intention of winning but just for participation sake.. I never imagined in my wildest dream that this could happen.. Yes, I’ll be on Tv.. Sitting next to the well known cricket expert Mr. Atul Wassan.

When their representative called me.. I was just out of my office taking the stairs to my canteen.. My first reaction to her saying me about winning the contest was, Hmm OK..She should have thought “What a lousy person.. He is not excited to be on TV.. 🙂 ”

What the hell, my reaction should have been something totally different, People scream when they hear news like this.. But i was in office yaar, and I’m supposed to behave professionally. Hence the OK..

I even asked for sometime to decide, Even bad na.. I could have lost this opportunity if i had made them wait, luckily for me the lady accepted, I quickly made some calls and within 10 minutes i made a call confirming my availability.. All night i kept wondering if someone has played a fool on me, cos i happen to be a person who fools around with others.I wondered if somebody finally decided return the favour..

I logged in the next morning.. A mail pops in, Its from the same lady i spoke to.. Wow! They confirm me. Yippee! I made it.. The Contest page confirms it now.. I feel so lucky to have made it to this stage, I cant wait to be talking to the cricket experts in person.. I’m sure its going to be a memorable one..

For all the people trying to contact me this Saturday.. I’d be in Delhi.. Busy 😀 [I think lucky is a better word, IBIBO rocks yaar]

God help Chennai Super Kings.. Supporting the team gives me this opportunity.. I love Chennai!!

Good luck to all who wish to be on Tv too.. This is a reality and i get to live it..

Do comeback to know how did it all go..

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