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The Dancing Girls On IPL

Lately a new baby is born in the game of cricket, popularly known as the Indian Premier League (IPL). It has been able to draw more attention than any other sport around the world. With big names like Mr. Vijay Maliya, Shahrukh Khan, Priety Zinta and Mr Mukesh Ambani owning the franchise teams, the big bucks are flowing in. With only seven games gone by till date, This baby in world cricket has proved to be the biggest tournament ever. Known for the kind of entertainment T20 Cricket provides, with performances by big film personalities it is only enhanced the entertainment part of it. And yeah not to forget the skimpily dressed Cheer leaders. I wonder what entertainment these girls provide šŸ™‚

Are these so called cheer leaders really required on the cricket field??

These girls are highly paid to be a part of the game, They are actually there to cheer the teams and the crowd. Skimpily dressed these girls are not helping anybody concentrate on the game. But who cares as long as there are people watching the game. Not to forget the audiences include Children, Ladies and Family audiences. The production team, channel broadcasters care to show only these girls on the television instead of the replays of the shot that the batsman just played. Popping cleavages, Under Skirt shots, mark the Producers as well as the broadcasters, even the organizers of the tournament as criminals in my eyes.

Shahid Afridi, Also known as Boom Boom Afridi for his flamboyant style of batting once commented in a TV interview towards banning the cheer leaders during cricket matches as it was not allowing anyone concentrate on the game. All is fair he says if the audiences were adult, The content shown on TV was clean. But what i see on TV with IPL, Its completely the opposite.

The girls may be a new addition to the game of cricket but instead of entertainment these girls are there to cause more disturbance to the cricketers and Cricket itself. If aptly dressed, cheering the team/ crowds i would rate this addition as the most innovative one. But what i see is what i say, Its a porn show right there on the field. The camera crew prefers showing them more on Tv than the cricketers itself. “The concentration on the game is lost. ” says Afridi. No wonder the camera man misses a few shots that the batsman has played, After all he is a human being too and is bound to be distracted by the happenings on the field šŸ˜€

People are watching these girls more than cricket, be it in the stadium or on the Television. I pay money to watch the channel and the game, But it seems the brodcasters would not allow me to watch what i want to.

I was once happy to see Mandira Bedi off the pregame show, not because she made a very bad TV host, But for the kind of clothing she would put on. I’m happy that the pregame show hosts are male for IPL and there happens to be more discussion on cricket than predictions of who will win the game šŸ™‚
I do miss Mandira on the show just because she had that bubliness hosting the show, Ajay Jadeja makes a poor host, He is better of as an expert than a Host. I wish Harsha Bhogle signs on.

I Love to watch cricket, but minus advertisements, A short pregame show, minus the dancing girls (Well Of course, If anything that needs to go off first is the dancing girls).

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