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What is on TV this weekend??

As u change channels around during weekend, U might come across popular channels showing some silly singing, dancing competitions. How far are these shows Real??

Reality shows are a great hit in America, But its the kind of reality shows that the producers produce that create so much interest,

For instance i was watching a show named “Miss Popularity” on Zone Reality channel. The show is about a beauty pageant where contestants are initially informed about them participating in a beauty pageant but instead they are taken to a Australian outback, These girls are then told that its the people of this australian village who are to crown the winner. The people of the village want the girls to be strong, tough. “Its whats on the Inside that matters”

The tasks that these participants are asked to complete as a part of the competition generate interest amongst the audiences. I sometimes even enjoy watching the repeat telecast 🙂
I can take names of 100’s of reality shows aired on English channels that I’m a great fan of, To name a few: Fear Factor (AXN), The next best thing (Zee Cafe), Survivor(AXN), The Amazing Race(AXN) and a few others that i would like being a part of 🙂

But the Indian Reality shows need something different to woo the people, The Judges. Many people would agree with me on the fact ” What have Writers, Dance choreographers and Comic actors got in them to judge a singer?? ”

Its a pain when u see these people giving the participants front and back. I mean who are they to give such comments when they are not capable of singing a single line without any mistakes. No doubt these shows act as a great platform for people looking to make it to the big stage, given that there is going to be a huge media coverage.

“Please please vote for me !! ”
There are plenty of shows running on Indian Television that I sometimes feel the producers are begging money through the participants.

All right somebody does win at the end of the show, But are the producers to tell us how many votes did the finalists receive?? No way. The truth would then come out in the open. Most of these shows have a false voting system, The winners are only those people who on their win would benefit the producers of the show.

No doubt there are shows that have a clean and transparent system for voting. I assume that the count of votes that each finalist received as announced by the host are true. But these shows are no different in generating TRP’s, showing the pain struck life that the participant has been living in the past time and again on the show to every other guest judge.The participant does not like it, But the producers want money, they
want people to sympathize with the participant and vote. Only motive ” Make Money”.

Is it not possible for producers/ channels think of returning the favor back to the society by making shows that would inculcate social values in the young generation. There are various other issues that these producers can think off. But the only thing that stops them is Money,
“Are the audiences going to Like it, No! Then I should use the ever so famous formula, make a singing / dance competition. Something has to be different though, lemme consult my creative director. ”
People have always appreciated good work, For example: Taare Zammen Par would not have been a hit unless it was packaged as per the audiences, It was successful because people appreciate good work. People would like to see a Aamir Khan produced reality show 🙂

Having earned crores of rupees through various reality shows, Producers for at least once think of creating a show that would help bring light into the society. Television is not only for entertainment, It is the best available medium to communicate social qualities amongst people. Reality shows, are not real.

I don’t have a problem with these reality shows as long as they do not insult the participants, They do not play along with the participant/ Audiences emotion and they have something new to show. Instead of pleading for votes, These shows can have the participants educating people on various topics that need an insight into. I wish there is a change.

For now ,for me weekend reality shows are only telecasted on NGC and discovery, where reality is the only thing 🙂

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