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Jodhaa Akbar – A review

Jodha Akbar

After making movies like ‘Lagaan’ and ‘Swades’ Ashutosh Gowarikar makes it a HIT Trio with Jodhaa Akbar.

Having watched the movie three times till date, I finally decided to write my opinion about the movie.

To get the feel of the movie before reading the review, Visit the official website.

Click the link for the official website: Jodhaa Akbar

Click Here to download the lyrics: Lyrics

The Story:

Set in the sixteenth century this is a story about the love between Mughal Baadshah Akbar and the daughter of the king of Balmer, Jodhaa. The story’s main focus happens to be the alliance in which the king of Balmer soughts relation with Akbar to allow his province to stay in peace.

Baadshah Akbar soughts to fulfill his father’s dream of ruling India, due to sudden death of his father he is made the king of the Mughal Dynasty at a very small age. Growing up, Baadshah Akbar soughts after his father’s dream, Before going to war with the other king’s he does give the king’s another chance to rule under him. This is when the Rajput king ‘Balmer ke Raja’ decides to accept Akbar’s plea. Having agreed to rule under a Mughal emporer, the marraige of his daughter, Jodhaa is cancelled with the prince of another dynasty. Balmer ke Raja agrees to rule under Akbar only on a condition. Akbar should marry Jodha.

The story all begins at this point of time, A story of love between a Mughal Emporer and Rajput’s daughter Jodhaa. With all the elements of hatred, betrayel, and Love, the story is to only make the audience feel each emotion deep within the hearts.

Highlights in the movie:

AR Rahman makes this one with his heart and soul to it. The album only with 6 songs is sure good enough to be loved by everyone. I do feel nominating AR Rahman for a national award would not be a bad option, He sure deserves all accolades for the music which forms a very important part of the movie. I believe most people would watch this movie a third time (2 times of course, for the way it has been directed and presented) just to feel the music with all the wonderful choreography.

The cast happens to be the other highlight of the movie, I never thought Hrithik Roshan could do such a kind of role, He fits into the character smoothly. Aishwarya Rai Bachan also deserves all the accolades, she has always proved herself as an improving actor. Not to forget the other people in the cast who have played the epic so naturally. Again all accolades to the director for having presented these characters ever so beautifully.

Not to forget the efforts of the director, and the crew. The effort that the director has put into making the movie is evident in the movie itself. Four years of research is portrayed in each and every shot of the movie. Each scence in the movie leaves the audience with mouths open, screaming ‘WOW’. Especially the opening scene of the movie where two army’s clash against each other, The director takes u in the thick of the happenings with amazing camera work. Making so many people, animals available and synchronising it, is an effort in itself. Scenes where Baadshah Akbar having a parlimentary meeting (Not what it was called in the sixteenth century, Anybody who knows an exact name please leave a comment :D) about the daily needs of the people in the province, somebody raises a topic about Akbar being a mughal and marrying a rajput. In the thick of the discussion, Jodhaa starts singing a bhajan (Manmohana – Song) leaving superb expression on the people attending the meeting is a beautifully shot scene. Watch the movie only in theatre to experience it all.

Hats off(I’d say even hair,clothes or anything off 😀 ) toAshutosh Gowarikar, his cast and crew for having created a wonderful movie.

Here are a few videos of the songs, so u get a feel of the movie. Source: YouTube

Ajeem-o-shan sehehanshah – Jodha Akbar

Khwaja mere Khwaja – Jodha Akbar

About movie being a Hit:

It’s a pain when the box office reports suggest movies like ‘Swades‘ being an average sort of movie. it will be even more painful if ‘Jodhaa Akbar’ fails to impress the audience. People always have appreciated movies like ‘Dhoom’ which makes no sense in the industry when compared to the kind of movies that Hollywood directors create.

Here is a director who has all his heart out for creating movies relating to the Indian History, India as a country, the movie is an average?? Even having presented the movie in the best possible manner, It being just another average movie does not make sense.

A tip to all the people who are to watch Jodhaa Akbar, Watch the movie as a love story between a Mughal Baadshah and a Rajput Princess. It’s not a epic story about how the king acquires the whole of India, it is a beautifully made movie with all the possible emotions. Having watched it thrice i cant wait for the DVD release.

My Rating: StarStarStarStarStar and of course Thumbs UpThumbsUp
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